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Nitrile Gloves and Syringes

Sales Agreement Procedure

1. Verbal pre-notification

  • Price information

  • Production and delivery capacity per month

  • Approximate delivery time,

  • Certificate information of the product

  • Providing preliminary information about the payment method (L/C - letter of credit, T/T …etc.)

2. With whom will the contract be signed?

  • Signed, stamped request letter (Letter of Intent-LOI) on the letterhead and a statement of assets from the bank (Proof of Fund-POF).

a. If the documents belong to the same company, they must be in the same date and must be sent via official mail addresses.

b. If the request is made by a representative, it must be submitted by a power of attorney.

Operation Procedure

If you have a sample agreement on the subject, you can send it to us for review, otherwise we can send you our own agreement.

1. Contract content;

  • Negotiating the product price.

  • Sharing the technical information of the product.

  • Determination of product quantities.

  • Determination of the delivery time.

  • Determination of payment and delivery method.

  • L/C (letter of credit) FOB / AS (Free On Board - at Sight) determination and definition of L/C properties.

  • In case the FOB method is requested by the buyer with a different location or port, the cost of transportation will be added to the total amount


Sharing the original certificates of the product would be done at the stage of signing the contract.

After receiving the requested reports/controls the shipment procedure of the product  will come into the action

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