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  • Viral Off Polygene Technology Mask offers a comfortable and reliable     solution by combining the   effects of 3 layers together with special seamless textile treatments in one layer. With the VIRALOFF feature, which also includes Polygene technology, it eliminates Corona (SARS), Norovirus, Bird Flu, Influenza.
  • It has been observed that this feature of VIRALOFF textile treatment technology decreased to 91% after 15 washes.
  • Its antibacterial properties last up to 100 washings. Thanks to its ergonomic structure designed according to universal dimensions, it does not give a feeling of pressure to the face, it is easily breathable.
  • It eliminates the discomfort caused by the conventional behind-the-ear tapes.
  • It provides hygiene with 20 minutes washing with its special fabric technology.
  • It offers usage comfort when it is opened. The menthol effect created by Breath easy and Feran ICP substances begins to decrease after the 10th wash.

Viraloff Mask

  • ISO 2016,

    ISO 13485,


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