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Infrared Digital Thermometer for Adults and Kids


  • Multiple functions can measure the temperature of various including the body, a room, bathwater, food, etc.
  • User-friendly indicators to determine the temperature level 
  • Fast, reliable and accurate readings
  • Non-contact use can read with just 3-5 cm measuring distance
  • Operate with one click of a button
  • Digital thermometer
  • 3-5 cm sensing distance
  • Powered by 2 x 1.5 AAA batteries 
  • Body temperature mode; 32,5°C – 43,5°C
  • Surface temperature mode; 0°C - 100°C
  • Measuring accuracy: Human: ± 0.3°C, Surface: ± 1°

Infrared Thermometer

  • CE,



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