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About Us

Since its establishment, MED-X; progresses with an innovative and reliable understanding. It aims at being a well-reputed construction among the medical companies by its quality products. we as MED-X have been putting our great efforts into producing essential medical-based goods having been needed in the field with providing quality and original ones. Having been involved in R&D activities, we ensure the highest level of our contribution to Turkey's science and technology in medical industry. not only we offer the valuable service of which our customers dream, we also do provide the same quality and safe environment for our employees and carry out required environmental and occupational safety activities.

Regarding our goals, being set as an example and a pioneer in the mentioned sector with a great understanding based on reliability and continuity, would be the ambition of MED-X. Moreover, we are trying to do the best of ours to have our loyal clients for the sake of owning the innovative approach, as well as providing a unique service, maintaining our effectiveness and reputation Worldwide. MED-X takes the ecofriendly approach in which nature sensitivity and resource scarcity have been considered vividly, MED-X moves forward to become a medical company growing step by step with new investments without putting any resources at risks.


Values that make MED-X the way it is at the moment and always improve the company, are as follow:


  • Having The business model being based on the transparent principle, honesty and reliability.

  • Keeping its quality at the high level as its priority.

  • Adopting Innovative approach, an effective and efficient framework engaging high level of team spirit.

  • Respecting Human value and having customer-oriented attitude, continuous improvement, meeting assuming responsibilities,


mutual respect, love, and a creative and happy working environment would be considered as a result of the above-mentioned factors.

Company Culture

As in a successful structure, there are values, beliefs, attitudes and rules MED-X follows. Every principle constitutes the rich culture of  Med-X; gives direction to its practices.


  • Med-X

  • Ensures the quality of its products,

  • Analyzes the risks, progresses in a controlled manner and tries to optimize the improvement.

  • Its priority is continuous improvement.

  • Meeting the needs and priorities of customers in an efficient and solution-oriented manner.

  • Can be a reliable partner for its customers.

  • In spite of offering the fastest way to help its customers with its young and energetic team, it never stops thinking proactively.

  • Although it has a well-established organizational structure, it conforms to the era and always exhibits an open-minded attitude towards innovations that can make it thrive.

Company Policy


  • Carries out all its tasks in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations.

  • Offers products and services at the international standard level,

  • Handles customer complaints and suggestions effectively appreciates its customers for bringing the matter into its attention,

  • Sets goals and targets to continuously improve its Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System performances,

  • Plans to fulfill the goals,

  • Keeps up with technology affair and produces state-of-the-art goods,

  • Adheres to all relevant policy and principle

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